Established in 1946 by Harry Goldberg.

Mr. Goldberg envisioned a growing demand for durable, high-grade cleaning tools and attachments to assist institutional cleaning and floorcare professionals by making their jobs simpler and more cost effective, helping them to fully realize the fruits of their labor. His aim was to focus on the growth and overall success of the customers business first, thereby creating a long-term partnership through mutual winning results.

For more than 60 years Mastercraft followed the guiding principle of its founder by manufacturing and marketing a full range of high performance floorcare and cleaning equipment that represents the utmost in quality, durability and cost savings for the end-user professionals.


Today Mastercraft continues to manufacture and market a full range of high-performance, durable floorcare products including floor machines, burnishers, specialty floor sanders, grinders, and polishers for wood, concrete and stone floor resurfacing, automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors and a full range of commercial, industrial and specialty vacuum solutions.

Mastercraft® is a privately held third generation family business operating out of 100,000 and 28,000 square foot facilities located in Newburgh NY.Mastercraft Brand

Mastercraft® has been an innovative leader in the cleaning industry since 1946.

Mastercraft offers a broad, diverse and modular product line with a full range of floor buffers, burnishers, standard and specialty vacuums, HEPA vacuums, upright carpet vacuums, automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors, floor sweepers, litter and debris vacuums, wood, concrete and stone floor restoration and maintenance sanding, grinding and polishing machines and diamond tooling and abrasive consumables.

The Mastercraft® brand is distributed through a world-wide distribution network and renowned globally among cleaning and floor care suppliers, professionals and facility maintenance specialists and equipment operators.

Mastercraft® continuously answers the call to solve the floor care and cleaning needs of professionals.

Our equipment is used internationally to restore and maintain some of the most prominent hotels, schools, restaurants chains, stadiums, government facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, research centers, factories, warehouses, plants, shopping centers, retail stores, rest stops, gymnasiums and office buildings.

With new and exciting technological developments on the horizon, Mastercraft aims to be the leading supplier of professional products for a cleaner environment .

Mastercraft Brand

Mastercraft® brand commercial and industrial grade cleaning equipment is the preferred choice of purchased floorcare and cleaning equipment in thousands of facilities, in the government, military, municipal, healthcare, educational and institutional sectors across the globe. The Mastercraft brand presence is renown among cleaning professionals and contractors who depend on reliability, uptime, flexibility and modular upgrading of their cleaning tools to make a living day in and through specific applications and cleaning tasks.

Mastercraft Product Range

Mastercraft's diverse commercial floorcare equipment offers a full range of floor machines, burnishers, automatic scrubbers, standard and specialty tank vacuums including critical filtration (HEPA), electric/air powered, upright and wide area vacuums, carpet extractors, blowers, sweepers and litter vacuums.

Mastercraft Product Distribution

Mastercraft® manufactures and markets cleaning equipment under the Mastercraft® brand, through a world distributor network. This network is a collection of world-class independent distributors that display, stock, demonstrate, sell and service our equipment to and for cleaning professionals and institutions

Mastercraft Product Custom Design / Development / OEM

From its earliest beginnings, time and again Mastercraft® has demonstrated and proven its unique ability to custom design and engineer equipment for OEM clients needs and private label programs.

Mastercraft® continuously answers the call to solve the equipment needs of others, for non-conventional cleaning applications. This ability is due in large measure to a highly respected, experienced and knowledgeable team of Mastercraft® employees who remain the company's greatest asset.
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